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Inspections Performed by Best-On

Fire Equipment Inspections
・ Inspection of equipment used in fire protection (specialized fire prevention equipment, etc.) in accordance with Article 17, 3-3 of the Fire Services Act.
・ Examples include fire extinguishers, automatic fire detectors, evacuation apparatus, sprinkler equipment, foam extinguishing equipment, and so on.
・ These inspections must be performed once every six months. A report of the inspection must also be filed with the fire department (this is either yearly or once every three years, depending on the building purpose).

Building Equipment Routine Inspections
・ Inspection of “ventilation equipment”, “smoke eliminating equipment”, “emergency lighting equipment”, and “plumbing and drainage equipment” as directed by Article 12, Item 3 of the Building Standards Act.
・ All equipment related to the four inspections named above housed in the building are inspected.
・ This is a yearly inspection. Inspection reports are submitted to the company designated by the prefectural government.

Special Building Routine Inspections
・ Inspection of building structure, evacuation, sanitation, fire prevention, and property in accordance with Article 12, Item 3 of the Building Standards Act.
・ Will inspect such things as the condition of the ground and state of deterioration of the outer walls, and confirmation of evacuation routes.
・ These inspections are for special buildings only. Some buildings require yearly inspection while it is three years for others. Inspection reports are submitted to the company designated by the prefectural government.

Routine Inspections for Objects Requiring Fire Protection
・ This is an inspection of fire prevention management in accordance with Article 8, 2-2 of the Fire Services Act.
・ We will audit to determine whether fire prevention management and fire prevention measures conducted appropriately. We will hear the management situation from the person in charge of fire prevention and inspect equipment inside the building.
・ This inspection is conducted yearly for indicated buildings. Submission to the fire department is required.

Seismic Isolation Building Inspections
・ We will conduct an inspection of the seismic isolation and vibration control devices for the seismic isolation structure of your building.
・ The Japan Society of Seismic Isolation determines detailed inspection timing and inspection items (at completion of construction, routine inspection, inspection in the event of disaster, visual inspection, measurement inspection, and so on).