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Fire Protection Equipment Inspection

1. What Is the Annual Fire Protection Equipment Inspection?

By law, all applicable buildings (those above a certain size and being used for certain purposes) must have their equipment inspected by a qualified person every year to determine whether it should be shut down or may continue operating, and the property owner or manager must report the results to the appropriate local authorities. 

Fire protection equipment is critically important equipment for the prevention of injuries in the event of a fire. This inspection helps ensure the appropriate maintenance of this equipment.

2. Why Have Inspections?

Previously, the duties for the inspection of fire protection equipment were split between the Fire Safety Act and the Building Standards Act, and the standard procedure was quite vague. The rules for inspection weren’t clearly defined, and so inspections were not properly carried out.

Then in 2013, a major fire happened in Fukuoka. Because there were many pieces of fire protection equipment left uninstalled, including a missing fire door, the damage spread rapidly and caused massive damage and severe injuries. 

To ensure that such an incident never happens again, a yearly inspection with qualified fire safety specialists is necessary. 

3. Inspection Items

  1. Fire Door
  2. Fire-Shutter
  3. Fireproof Cloth Screen
  4. Drencher System