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Fire Safety Inspection

1. What is a Fire Safety Inspection?

It is required by law that buildings with fire safety facilities or equipment installed have to be inspected regularly, for operation and maintenance. Also, building owners or managers are obligated to report inspection results to the local fire department. Those who neglect to report these inspection results may receive a visit from the fire department, fines, and may even be detained.  

1-1. Frequency of the Inspection
Simple Inspections → Once every six months
For matters that can be judged with just simple operational checks. 
General Inspection → Once a year
A more complete inspection confirming general operation and use of the fire safety equipment. 

1-2. Frequency of the Reports
Depending on the usage and size of the building, reports will generally be due either yearly or once every three years. 

1-3. Inspection Items
Our company’s specialists are all qualified to handle the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire safety equipment. So maintenance of the below types of fire safety equipment.

Further, in the event that a piece of equipment is found unfit for purpose, our specialists will work to repair or renew it. 

2. Why Do We Have to Inspect? 

Fire safety equipment may not be used every day, like electricity or plumbing. However, if it doesn’t function properly when a fire does happen, it could be a huge risk to human life and property. Inspections are necessary to ensure the fire safety equipment works well and that broken equipment can be mended or replaced.

In any case, the inspection is not just there optionally, to protect you if you want it. It’s legally required. To protect your assets and your lives, it is very important to ensure that your fire safety equipment works properly.

If you are a property management company or a landlord who is looking for a fire safety inspector, we can help.