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Triennial Specified Building Inspection

1: What is The Triennial Specified Building Inspection?

By law, specific buildings which are used by large numbers of people from the public, such as theaters and shopping malls, must be inspected by professionally qualified inspectors. The property owner or manager must then report the results to the appropriate local authorities. 

This is an inspection of the whole building, meant to check the status of the building for maintenance purposes. We check for signs of structural decay as well as faulty safety equipment in order to stop accidents before they happen. 

2: Why Is The Triennial Specified Building Inspection Carried Out

(1) In the event that high-occupancy buildings (such as apartments, hospitals, or office buildings) are caught in a large earthquake or fire, massive damage can occur. By thoroughly inspecting and appraising a building’s escape routes and safety measures, we can prevent accidents and injury when disaster happens. 

(2) A building’s framework and exterior, among other things, will deteriorate over time as the years wear on it, forming cracks and bubbles. As a result, hazards such as an exterior tile falling into the street and injuring people, can occur. The specific building seeks to appraise the status of the construction for such problems, so that when problems are found the necessary maintenance process will be proposed. 

3: The contents of inspection

1 The building’s site and grounds 

2 The building’s exterior

3 The roof and rooftop areas.

4 The building interior

5 Emergency Facilities and Equipment etc

4:Specified Buildings

1 Buildings used by the public in large numbers

2 Buildings at a high risk of fire

3 Buildings that require sanitation