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Best On Co., Ltd.


Q: What’s the process for requesting an inspection?

  • First, contact us via E-mail or Phone
  • We perform a site investigation or investigation from the ground plan
  • We provide a formal quotation
  • Contact us if you are happy to proceed
  • We will produce an invoice
  • After payment, we coordinate with you to plan a time and date for the inspection
  • We perform the inspection and within a week we send you the report!

Q: What should I do in case of equipment malfunction or fire safety violations after the inspection?

A: You are ultimately responsible for correcting any issues, however we give you an original report in detail, separate from the formal report. In that original report you can find what you need to do to resolve any issues. Also we can replace, repair, or make improvements to the equipment as needed.

Q: Under what authority are inspections conducted?


1: Fire Safety Inspection

Under the Article 17-3-3 Fire Service Act

2: Fire Safety Target Inspection

Under the Article 8-2-2 Fire Service Act

3: Fire Protection Equipment Inspection

Under the Article 12-3 Building Standard Act

4: Building Facility Inspection

Under the Article 12-3 Building Standard Act

5: Triennial Specified Building Inspection

Under the Article 12-1 Building Standard Act

Q: What kind of buildings do you inspect?

A: We can inspect any type of building, however the inspection depends on the usage and size of building. So if you ask our staff, we can answer perfectly which kind of inspection you need.

Q: Will my tenants or residents be disturbed during the inspection?

A:We can schedule the inspection during a time when the facilities are least occupied, however we will need access to all areas of the building that have related equipment and we need to inspect the privately owned areas of the condominium if there is fire safety equipment.

Q: What kind of inspection do you do?

A: Mainly our company can perform the following:

1: fire safety inspection

2: fire safety target inspection

3: fire protection equipment inspection

4: building facility inspection