Best On Co., Ltd.

About Us

Why Best-On?

We have earned a reputation for quality, professionalism and reliability as a disaster prevention consultant for building inspection needs. 

Our fully qualified technicians are trained to the highest industry standards.

Our employees answer  questions  timely and solve  problems, then we continue to satisfy the customer with our commitment.

As a result,we are very proud of high reputation we have built up.

■Yearly inspection work:  Over 5000 cases

■Yearly Renovation and repair work: Over 1500 cases

■Over 25 years of industry-leading Experience and Performance

■Yearly sales: Over 500 million Yen

What makes the difference between Best-On and other companies?

1) We constantly invest in our research and training systems, ensuring that we are aware of the latest relevant legal rules and industry information.

2) Our unique sync system shares information between our on-site and in-office staff, allowing us to create accurate reports faster than any other company.

3) We don’t outsource, and our in-house staff work together through all stages of the process, from the inspection on through to maintenance, construction, and repair.

4) We have staff on-hand to work with Chinese, Korean, and English-speaking clients.

If you are looking for fire safety and disaster specialists in Japan, there is no better option than Best-On. Contact us for your fire and disaster needs today.

Company Name

Best On Co., Ltd.


5F, Nihon Sogo Jisho Otsuka Building,
1-13-17 Kita-otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0004





Company Establishment

July 2, 1997