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Fire Safety Target Inspection

1 What is The Fire Safety Target Inspection?

It is required by law for any person nominated as a fire safety manager to report once per year, fire safety inspection results to the local fire department. This report can only be sent after having a qualified inspector inspect to ensure all necessary work has been done.

The inspector will also confirm the building logs of those involved in fire safety, with the aim of helping fire safety managers protect their own buildings, heightening independence in fire prevention. 

2 Why have this inspection?


・In the event of a fire, some objects placed in the stairway prevent a safe evacuation.

・Nobody is nominated to manage fire prevention and proper practices are not carried out, delaying the evacuation.

・Appropriate equipment is left uninstalled and the fire expands.

To Prevent The Above Issues:


The prevention of a fire disaster relies on the expertise, preparation, and advice of a qualified inspector. In the event of a fire or other natural disaster, an inspector’s advice can help the fire manager take action and set countermeasures to ensure the injury is minimal.

3 inspection items

・Nomination of a Fire Safety Manager

(And whether the nomination of a fire safety manager and fire safety plan has been reported to the local fire department)

・Confirmation of The State of Fire Drilling

(Whether the measures in the fire safety plan are being carried out appropriately.)

・Evacuation Route Status

(Regarding the status of the emergency evacuation route, as well as any fire or emergency doors.)

・Fire Safety Equipment Status

(Whether fire safety equipment is installed in accordance with the law.)

・A Confirmation of Fire Prevention Performance Indicators